Neiron is in currently in Startup Mode. We are focusing heavily on the early research in the practical application of predictive AI models for the financial markets. 


Financial Markets 

Using AI to trade in the financial markets (and pricing, valuations, risk, etc)

There are many diverging opinions on the pricing efficiency of the global financial markets. One thing that is for certain is that as a private investor or even as a professional market trader it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to make profit and gain from invested money. In general and historical terms the markets have a tendency to gain in value. (as the world economy grows over the decades and centuries).

The difficult part is of course to return a higher gain than the average of the given market.

Most traders try to “beat the market” or, in other words, to try to be smarter or better or faster than some or even all the other investors. They try this through different strategies. Some accept higher risk for better returns, others avoid risk, some combine trades to defend against swings and some use computer algorithms and quantitative calculations to give them an edge in their trade. There are many strategies and approaches that have proven valuable over the years, but very few that can be easily applied by the small player in the market. We believe that our AI can help in most of these approaches and will target the most accessible options.





Human Behaviour, Medical Applications

Neiron will be conducting its research and focus the efforts to build on the skills and knowledge of its early projects to translate the codebase and know-how into other areas, especially those that share some of the patterns and human behaviour of the financial markets.



Natural Resources

There is an expectation that our AI will be applicable not only to behavioural patterns but also to areas that are based on natural occurrences and probabilities that are hard to decipher for scientists with traditional tools. Areas such as weather, Oil&Gas, mineral occurences and such are high on our list to work with.