We offer services for clients with and without their own in house AI teams as well as those who want to get started with AI but have no idea how or if they are ready.


AI Readiness Assessment

AI Readiness Assessment is generally a multiple day onsite during the same business week which aims to gauge where your company is in terms of being AI ready.
By getting to know your business and spending time with various departments within your organization, we evaluate if the quality of data collection as well as potential projects that will drive business value. Generating these ideas will fuel future partnership as a company looks to implement more and more AI driven solutions.

This assessment is ideal for companies who don’t know where to start with AI and want to gauge how much of an impact it could have within their business.

Tailored Team Engagements for Any Challenge

Our core service, AI consulting, is completely custom to fit the specific needs of each client. During the initial engagement meetings, Neiron will estimate project duration as well as the team required to complete the job. Each project is very different as it is tailored directly to a client so many factors will effect the estimated time and cost.

Through data collection and preparation we will transform your raw or altered data into machine readable and high quality data to be used throughout modeling. We then explore solutions through the generation of Proofs of Concept. By building and testing multiple models, Neiron will ensure the correct solution is implemented through deployment.