Since computers arrived in the 1950s, people have been looking for better and better ways to programme computers, all the way from the punch cards to the trusty qwerty keyboard, from Fortran to Python. But despite the incredible advances in computer technology we are still stuck with relatively primitive forms of telling the machines how to process data we give them. 

This is the time in history where it all changes.
No more.

The magic that is happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence is that we finally have enough computing power at our fingertips that we can lift the veil from the eyes of the machine. It is no longer limited by our feeble attempts to write complex commands to make it do things. Today, we can finally give it the examples to learn from. Not just any examples, but vast examples, with millions and millions of images, texts, sounds and sensorial data, to be combined, tested, trained on and contiounusly reviewing to always keep improving.  
This new way of learning is for AI systems what electricity was for Nicola Tesla. For us we believe this new toolset can be used to create true Intelligence (or magic.)

Our Mission

Neiron is aiming to become a substantial research and development company in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Initial efforts will be in the AI analysis and active trading on the international financial markets.
Medium to Long term Neiron will also leverage this initial investment in people skills software and equipment to grow its footprint, know-how and infrastructure to extend and improve AI services in other fields such as image and historical data interpretation to cover fields such as Life Sciences, natural resources and others.


In order to fly, all one must do is simply miss the ground.
— Douglas Adams

What Can be Achieved with AI...

  • AI Background.

    The Idea of using computers to help us in our daily lives improve stock market trading is not a new idea, however programming computers to truly understand the analogue world has been a challenge that has yielded very limited success over the last 100 years. Recently, in the last few years,  a new approach to programming has been facilitated by the incredible increase in computing power both with the help of better CPU’s and GPU’s (graphical processing units) . This increase in processing power allows a single server to match what 100 million dollar supercomputer cluster could achieve with 1000’s of servers only 10 years ago (I.e. IBM Bluegene/L).

    In addition to this continuous and phenomenal increase in processing power the world is fast adopting a new approach to programming. Or rather; to avoid programming the response(s) altogether and focus on actual learning from examples. This is where Neural Networks (“NN”) and Machine Learning (“ML”) comes in. With ML we can train and teach the computer to recognize and distinguish patterns and features by showing it examples.  In the same way that it can be trained to recognize faces in photographs it can recognize trends and patterns in the financial markets, and -we believe- predict the evolution of such patterns based on previously seen evolution or behaviour. This understanding of patterns and ability to interpret and adapt to them can be applied to a lot of fields, and could be considered “knowledge” or even Intelligence much like our own brains are thought to work.


    Neiron is a small and humble company that sees a great potential in this quantum leap forward that is being made possible with this new approach to programming and the ability to combine the software with computing power previously only available to the largest of supercomputer clusters.

    Neiron has seen a great potential to leverage the business and startup friendly environment that Georgia is actively endorsing and we recognize the availability of highly educated and ambitious young workforce that is available in the country. Neiron believes that the long history in Georgia in advanced maths and programming focus among its students has created a favourable combination of high value workforce, low cost and stable business environment and a new technology that opens up vast commercial opportunities.